The sweet electronic cigarette is a hit with young girls

According to a study conducted in Wales, it seems that using an electronic cigarette with a highly sweet-flavoured liquid would make young girls more easily addicted to nicotine. Since the electronic cigarette has become central to public life, its positive or negative effects have been central to the debate on nicotine addiction and smoking cessation. This can be demonstrated by counting the number of studies that generally lead to controversy about the pros and cons of this new vapor cigarette. The question that keeps coming up again and again is the electronic cigarette helps to stop smoking, is it really a gateway to conventional cigarettes, does it push younger people to experiment with tobacco?


The sweet flavours of vape kits would attract more young people.

Some healthcare professionals at the British National Health Service now believe, after hearing the results of the North Wales Tobacco Control Alliance, that the e-cigarette has normalized nicotine, undoing all the communication work it has done over the past 50 years. In any case, this seems to be the result of a study carried out in 72 colleges to analyse the consumption of electronic cigarettes by the youngest girls, and more particularly the age group of 11 to 12 years.

Up to 10 electronic cigarettes confiscated in 52 colleges

The results of this research reveal an alarming finding. 80% of 13-18 year olds who are familiar with vapor cigarettes know how to buy and experience them. 1 girl from 11 to 12 years old out of 50 already smokes. The majority of those surveyed say that perfumed electronic cigarettes are not as bad as conventional cigarettes and are not harmful.” Redbull, strawberry milkshake, chewing gum, caramel, these sweet flavours attract the youngest and camouflage the taste of tobacco,”recalls the North Wales Tobacco Control Alliance. In this study, 53 college principals participating in the study reported forfeiting up to 10 vape kits per week.

For 60 million consumers, sweet flavours are highly addictive

In France, the same thing happened after a study by the mutual student Smerep arrived at the same conclusions, except that the experiment was carried out with university students. Indeed, 67% of non-smokers confessed that they had tried electronic cigarettes and found them “fun”. The sweet chocolate, strawberry and banana flavours of electronic cigarettes partly explain this craze among the youngest. A study of 60 million consumers carried out in 2011 revealed that sweet flavours encouraged young people to smoke more.

In conclusion

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable mortality in France. He is responsible for 73,000 deaths a year. At 17, one in three young people smoke regularly. However, the results of these studies carried out on both sides of the Channel must be tempered and put into perspective on the additive capacity of sugar. Indeed, we must not lose sight of the fact that electronic cigarettes are a great tool to help tobacco addicts free themselves from the devastating effects of traditional cigarettes. While sweet flavours have a strong addictive power among young people, many studies have shown that electronic cigarettes are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

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