PMI offers researchers the opportunity to fund studies on risk reduction

Earlier this month, cigar maker Philip Morris International (PMI) announced the creation of the Investigator Initiated Studies Program (IIS), a program to finance scientific studies on risk reduction.e

A deal with the devil?

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The research and development center of Philip Morris International in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), also called “Le Cube”.
In view of their track record this can make people smile, but it will take a lot of time to get used to it, but tobacco companies are increasingly investing in the sector of risk reduction.

According to PMI, the purpose of this IIS program is “to support and promote studies initiated by researchers working independently or to verify PMI’s scientific data for our risk reduction products”.

The IIS includes in this grant program areas such as aerosol chemistry, toxicology, systems biology, clinical, as well as perception and behaviour and post-marketing surveillance studies of the platforms developed and marketed by PMI.

Refuse this money? “a mistake” for Sally Satel

But Sally Satel, a psychiatrist specializing in addiction and lecturer at Yale Medical University, reacted in another way to this announcement by the American vape kits maker.

At Forbes. com, she believes it would be “a mistake not to use PMI’s money to research safer alternatives than cigarettes to discover new ways to save the lives of smokers.

Although government agencies are already offering grants to investigate safer products,”the focus of this funding is to discover the risks of alternative products rather than their potential benefits,” she says.

Publication of tobacco industry research in scientific journals continues to be controversial

Finally, we will remember the remarks made by Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg at the last GFN in Warsaw, where the question of scientific research financed by the tobacco industry was raised. While Jean-François Etter and Konstantinos Farsalinos were not fundamentally opposed to the publication of Big Tobacco stamped articles in scientific journals, while insisting on the need for independent control, Dautzenberg denounced this type of practice loud and clear:
Given their stormy past, many scientific journals are systematically refusing research funded by tobacco companies.


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